Stage 3 - Coach

One-to-one with executives in corporate and growth  businesses; faculty leader for senior development programmes in Asia, Europe and USA.


Stage 2 - Counsel

GM/VP leading change (marketing, sales, operations) in two NYSE 100 Corps; team roles and board director at three start-ups,  delivering revenues, fundraising, acquisition and sale.


Stage 1 - Create

Client relationships and team management at two agencies;  director of EMEA communications - strategy, brand and organizational change.


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During 30+ years at work, I’ve tried on many pairs of shoes.


Some have  worn in slowly, some have pinched start to finish; some got me from A to B (but never back), some carried me along oft-travelled paths again and again.


Here are the five pairs that have taught me the longest-lasting lessons:


COURAGE - to call the truth as you find it. Not to score a point, rather to shine a light. Others often find it painful in the near term; usually, it’s more useful in the longer run.


CURIOSITY - constantly find out about anything and everything, taking nothing for granted. There is an insight or an opportunity in the smallest place, the most forgotten corner.


EMPATHY - tuning in by listening deep to others; to their challenges or threats, their fears and desires, their targets and their dreams. Seek the truth and encourage the contribution from all, not just because of title or status.


HONESTY - it’s taken a long time to learn how to say “I don’t know”. Now, there is value in acknowledging the places, problems and processes where others' skills and experiences could have much greater impact than mine.


HUMOUR - don't make others laugh just to make them feel better or to grab their attention. Humour is a fundamental quality of our minds - changing perspectives, making connections, taking leaps to new ideas.

There is always another answer to discover, always another path to walk.

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