• Kenneth Iverson


Excerpt from 'Plain Talk: Lessons from a Business Maverick' by Kenneth Iverson, credited with transforming Nucor Steel from a nearly bankrupt company in the 1960s into the largest and most successful steelmaker in the United States.

Japanese symbol for listening

Listening is among the scarcest of all human skills, in and out of management.

Listening requires concentration, skill, patience, and a lot of practice. But such practice is a very sound investment of the developing manager’s time.

Real listening enables managers not only to hear what people say to them, but to sense what may be behind what is said (i.e., employees’ emotions, assumptions, biases).

Better still, their reputation for competent listening will encourage others to bring them information. Listening proficiency is an immense advantage to any manager.

No (manager) should be sent forth into the business world without it.

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