• Kenneth Iverson


Excerpt from 'Plain Talk: Lessons from a Business Maverick' by Kenneth Iverson, credited with transforming Nucor Steel from a nearly bankrupt company in the 1960s into the largest and most successful steelmaker in the United States.

Earning Employees’ Trust and Loyalty

"Far too many managers have no clue how their employees feel or even what their people’s work lives are like, day to day.

"Employees pick up on this lack of insight in a heartbeat, and that realization taints everything their managers say to them from that point forward.

"Conversely, employees clearly give the benefit of the doubt to managers whom they see as understanding “what’s really going on” and “what we’re really up against.” That’s only natural.

"Developing managers should contemplate the implicit and explicit commitments they will make to the people who work for them. They should understand their obligations under those commitments as well as the limitations of those obligations.

"And they should grasp the consequences of failing to be consistently trustworthy."

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