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Updated: Jun 10

Excerpt from 'Why Unusual Job Titles are Bad for You and Your Company' by Daniel Bukszpan.

Director of First Impressions

All About People is a staffing and recruiting company based in Phoenix, Arizona. It has 25,000 successfully-placed candidates to its credit, and co-founder Sherri Mitchell said that she’s seen numerous jobs of old sneak into the 21st century with new-look titles.

“Back in the day you would hear ‘receptionist,’” she said. “One of the trendier ways of describing those employees now is by calling them ‘Director of First Impressions.’”

Scrum Master

Appstem is a software design and development firm with offices in San Francisco and San Diego. CEO Robert Armstrong, said that tech industry job titles have become so abstract as to be almost meaningless, but none more so than that of “project manager.”

“Whenever we interview project managers, I’m always amused by the titles I see on resumes these days,” he said, and rattled off a list of titles that included “Customer Success,” “Customer Advocate” and “Scrum Master.” He added that at Appstem, project managers are simply called “project managers,” thank you very much.

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