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Updated: Jun 10

For those who don’t know a quarterback from a scrimmage, a highlight of this year’s Superbowl was the half-time performance by Madonna. No flipped finger or wardrobe malfunction from Madame Ciccone – just unadulterated spectacle. In the incredibly fickle music business, where careers can be shorter than the 3 minute singles which launch them, Madge is a stayer. She had her first hit in 1982, and 30 years later she’s still watched by 120 million viewers. Hailed by Cranfield School of Management and London Business School as the ultimate one-woman business, Madonna’s mantra is “reinvention” – both image and content, from pop, dance and gospel to techno, country and R&B. She contradicts the industry’s adage “find a formula and stick to it”. Perhaps that’s not the preserve of the world of entertainment? Once a formula is found in any sector, then it becomes very hard to let it go and look for another. But let go we must, else we become the one-hit wonder of our own careers.

Coachaiku: 17-syllable reflections, in a 5-7-5 form, for personal and professional development.

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